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PLK Champion - who is he?

      Rafael Aghayev was born on 4th March 1985 in Sumhait in Azerbaijan. After the graduation from school №21, entered the Azerbaijanian State Academy of Physical Culture and Sport on the faculty of sport single combats in the speciality of coach - teacher in karate, at a department there are "Fight and her methodology" which graduated in 2007. From 2007 to 2008 passed military service, than was transferred to the Central sport club of Departments of defense as a perspective sportsman.
     Question, to go in for sports or not, before Rafael was never considered, so as his father, being a professional football player, came love to sport to him and to two elder brothers. The eldest brother Ruslan became to go in for judo, the second brother Rustam go in for boxing and has quite good results.
Rafael, like other guys, had to find himself in the life, and at the beginning he followed his father. Since he was 7 he started training football and he also was training karate in his first coach Rafael Mamedov, who gave him a big love to karate, and taught him his first skills. It was for a few years. He competed in the first national championships. Aghayev showed himself and he was invited to the one of the best sport clubs of the Republic "Musado" with the coach Fuzuli Musayev.
     At the first Championship Rafael won and he was noticed by the president of the National Karate Federation Yashar Bashirov, who felt a big potential. Rafael was hardworking sportsman, but he has lack of an experience. At the first time being a member of national combined team he took part in the international championship in 1997, it was Open World Cup in Mishkoltc in Hungary. Unfortunately first fights were not successful, but in the next year he become a winner of the Open Championship of England, and after that he never had defeats.
     In the first his World Championships in Athens in 2001 he got third place in team list, and in the next year he became an European Champion. Thus he is a champion in his weight till nowadays. Rafael Aghayev is the best karate men in the world. He has a record, in the one championship he won two gold medals. It happened in 2008 in 18th. World Championship in Tokio (Japan) when he won in the weigh category -70, another in the open category. President of the World Karate Federation Antonio Espinos called him "The diamond of world karate".
     Great influence in Rafael's career made main coach of the team Hidayat Shabanov, who had been working with him for more than 8 years and shared with him his happiness of victory. Guidance of National Olympic Committee and Ministry of Youth and Sport of Azerbaijan reward Rafael Aghayev for the sport success in the international arena, for a few years he led the top 10 best sportsmen fo the country. International Bank of the Azerbaijan, the official sponsor to the federation, gave him the keys from the new appartments, and a car AUDI Q7. International Federation of Karate made all conditions for him to training. Rafael has monthly grant for a financial stability.
     31 of March 2010 Rafael showed his professionalness wining at the first time the title of the champion of Professional League of Karate (PLK). 2nd June the same year Aghayev had a serious test - protection of the title. In the final fight Aghaev won Sadykov and proved everybody that he is the best. 3 of December 2010 proved everybody in the third time that he is the best. Aghayev won with the score 12:11 against greek sportsman George Tzanos thus had defended his title of the PLK champion.
     Despite the whole titles Rafael is very simple in a daily life and lead a simple lifestyle. Astrologically he is Pisces. Single. In his free time likes watching movies, playing football, communicate with friends. Rafael has a great gift, he can become a leader in each company and can find a way out of difficult situation.
     Particularly each month he has an invitation from the different countries of the world to make a seminars. Invitations also are coming from the countries leaders in karate such like France, German, Spain, USA, Canada, etc. where people are watching his professional manners of fight, but despite that Rafael is still invincible.


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