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Rafael Aghayev in the third time proved that there is nobody equal to him.

On the 3rd December 2010 on arena of Lviv circus Aghayev won with the score 12:11 against Greek fighter George Tzanos thus has protected a title of PLK Champion. Nowadays the Azerbaijanian sportsman has 7 fights and none defeat. He must protect his title one more time, and he will own the cup. Next protection of the title will be in spring 2011. Official pretender for a title is Ruslan Sadykov, from Latvia. According to the rating fights, which were conducted that evening, he won this rank, thus he got a right to fight against the champion. Sadykov won three opponents - candidates for a title to be pretender: Dmytriy Grachev, Rudik Sagrunov and Zurab Gabeliya.

Fight results 03.12.2010
           Rafael Aghayev 12:11 George Tzanos
              Zurab Gabeliya 2:4 Rudik Sagrunov
              Ruslan Sadykov 5:4 Dmytriy Grachev  
              Ruslan Sadykov 7:4 Rudik Sagrunov
               Zurab Gabeliya 3:8 Dmytriy Grachev
               Zurab Gabeliya 2:4 Ruslan Sadykov
              Rudik Sagrunov 6:9 Dmitriy Grachev


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