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What is "PLK"?

Professional League of Karate, PLK – is the first and the only organization in the world which has begun the professional direction in karate and successfully develops it, being very precise to the main principles of development of professional sport.

PLK was founded by Roman Huts on February 16, 2009 in Lviv (Ukraine) that is rightfully considered the fatherland of professional karate. The task of the League is – creation of the satisfactory conditions for the development of professional karate as an independent kind of sport. As the basis was taken the idea of conducting fights to find out the strongest professional karate fighter. In its work PLK clearly sticks to the number of determined principles, mainly:
“Only the best”. The fighters of the League are leaders of the world rank – those who presented themselves on the amateurs as well as on the professional levels. Among them are champions and prize winners of the World, Europe, members of the national teams, the winners of the prestigious international tournaments. In a word – elite of karate.
“Everything for the fighter”. The League supports and finances the transfer for the fighters, accommodation in comfortable hotels, meals in the best restaurants, organizes different cultural entertaining programmes and does its best to make the fighters feel comfortable and satisfied. The best of them win popularity, the world recognition and substantial money awards.
“Regularity of conducting”. The fights are organized systematically, giving the spectators the possibility to be present in the world of karate, recognize the fighters, get satisfaction from brilliant and amazing fights with the participation of their favourites. The places of fights: Sport Palaces, night clubs, entertaining establishments.
“Brilliant event”. Performances of dance and variety stars with light and sound effects are the main components of the evening of professional karate, which together with splendid fights on the professional tatami make the atmosphere of show, arouse good mood and enthusiasm in the spectators.
The idea of the splendid fight is considered in the rules of PLK what differs them from the rules of amateur karate. The main differences are the system of fights with rounds and the possibility to get as many points as the fighter can. The fighter is interested to win, delivering more aiming strokes,because every point gets money award.
From the beginning of PLK existence rapid rate of development and popularity of professional karate is being observed. The increase of spectators, engagement of TV channels and representatives of mass media testify to it. It is the great merit of Lviv employer and public man Olexander Vadzal. 



 The first professional karate tournament was organized in Lviv on April 4, 2009. Among the fighters who competed for the money prize and PLK Cup, the winner was the representative of Germany, Georgian by nationality Nika Tsurtsumia.

June 4, 2009 the Cup went to Gogita Arkania grom Georgia who won the final fight over Grachev from Belorus.
September 24, 2009 within the next professional tournament Dmitriy Grachev won the victory over Arkania, thus, taking revenge carried the Cup to Belorus.
December 23, 2009 transfered PLK Cup got a new owner. It was young and talented George Tzanos from Greece who in the final fight gained the victory over Grachev with the score 11:2.
March 31, 2010 many time Champion of the World and Europe among the amateurs Rafael Aghayev from Azerbaijan took part in the tournament. Serving in the armed forces, Tzanos did not have the possibility to come to Ukraine to defend the title of the champion. In his turn Aghayev firmly reached the final where he met the favourite of Lviv audience Rudik Sagrunov and won the victory. The Cup went to Azerbaijan.
June 2, 2010 Aghayev had a serious test- the first defence of the title. To keep the PLK Cup, it is necessary to win the title of the Champion, and after that to defend it three times. In the final fight Aghayev won the victory over Sadikov from Latvia, thus proving once again that he is the strongest. The Cup again went to Azerbaijan.
December 3, 2010 Rafael Aghayev in the third time proved that there is nobody equal to him.


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